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We are backed by the country’s leading communication powerhouse which harnesses a strong global network. Seamless opportunities and positive influence have made us a tad bit better at thinking and problem solving. You will get to know us as a cool dynamic team with a lot of gusto, who think of challenges as daily motivators.

  • We specialize in local market insights
  • We are backed by an integrated communication powerhouse
  • We hold substantial clout with the media and suppliers to execute our solutions
  • We stay abreast of global trends as well as digital and social media tools
  • We possess strong creative backing for innovative solutions
  • We are known for precision, speed and flexibility in delivery of services
Hardtalk is at a distinct advantage by being the only PR agency in Sri Lanka that is a Gold affiliate of FTI Consulting, one of the world’s leading consultancy companies with a network spanning 4,400+ employees in 27 countries across 6 continents.
Hard Talk also enjoys a diverse global reach to as many as 90 countries as Triad is a fellow member of ‘thenetworkone’, the world’s largest network of independent agencies.


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Our clients are our assets. From not-for-profits to blue chip conglomerates, lesser known yet aspiring individuals to world renowned luminaries… we have a whole spectrum of clients we love to work with, and help them share their passion and inspiration with the world.

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